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Chiropractic Care

Who wouldn’t want to have improved energy, flexibility and sleep? How about better digestion and balanced hormones? Or even greater happiness? There are many benefits of chiropractic care and Dr. Daryl looks forward to helping you enjoy them so you can live more abundantly!

Fighting Off Today’s Stresses

Dr. Daryl adjusting patientWe evaluate nervous system health, making sure it’s as optimal as possible. The brain controls everything in the body, communicating with the body’s hundred trillion cells via the spinal cord.

Emotional, chemical, physical and thermal stress on the nerves that exit the spine can cause numerous health concerns like back pain, headaches, asthma and more. When the nerve system is healthy and communicating, you’ll see problems clear up and experience the highest levels of wellness.

Customizing to Your Needs

Over time, we’ve developed sedentary lifestyles, often sitting for hours a day. Sitting is being called the new smoking. Because of the body’s repetitive patterns, repetition is needed to start making sustainable change.

That’s why we’ll recommend more frequent visits at the beginning of your care. We’ll monitor you with regular evaluations, dropping down the frequency as appropriate. Everyone is different, and your specific plan will include exactly what you need to get well.

Along the way, we’ll talk to you about maintenance care and other strategies to better manage your continued health.

Getting Started With Your Care

Our thorough consultation process is designed to uncover every obstacle hindering you from reaching abundant health. We’ll answer all the questions you have along the way, making sure you know exactly what to expect before your chiropractic adjustment. The techniques Dr. Daryl uses include

  • Activator Methods®
  • Diversified
  • Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT®)
  • Thompson
  • Toggle Recoil

If you hear a noise during the adjustment, it’s not a cause for any concern. It’s just gas releasing from a joint, and it’s a sign that the stress is leaving your body. We’ll give you tips on how to stay feeling well, such as hydrating properly to help your body detoxify.

Research shows that your immune system function increases 300% after a chiropractic adjustment! If you have any soreness, we’ll recommend that you ice the area. Dr. Daryl will call you after your first adjustment to check on you, giving you his cell number and email so that you can always reach him.


Contact us today to find out what we can do for you! We have on-site X-ray facilities for your convenience.

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