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Alkamind productsThe U.S. is responsible for just 5% of the world’s population yet claims 50% of the expenditure of medical care. We’re a dismal 72nd in health rankings with the World Health Organization.

It would require 60 servings of spinach today to match the health content of one serving back in 1948. A government survey shows that of 21,000 people, exactly zero got the 5-9 recommended servings of greens. And how can we, with such depleted foods in our supermarkets?

What are we doing wrong?

The Start of Something Different

Dr. Daryl asked himself the same question when he was first in practice, noticing that while some of his patients held their chiropractic adjustments and got better, others didn’t. He investigated and realized that the smaller, healthier group of patients had a different diet than the larger, sick group. The results transformed his practice and led to the creation of Alkamind.

Patients were leaving his office and putting acidic substances like coffee, sugar, carbonated water, meat, dairy, processed foods and artificial sweeteners in their bodies — adding up to sums like 80 or 90% of their diet. The root of the problem was acid.

Transforming Dr. Daryl’s Lifestyle

Your body has a pH level of 7.365. Your blood needs to be slightly alkaline. When we add acidic foods and stress, that number goes down. If it deviates by more than a point, the consequences are fatal. Your body, then, does whatever it can to neutralize the acid and maintain that delicate pH. It takes calcium from your bones or magnesium from your muscles, resulting in contractions, spasms, and another thing we all know well — cravings.

Dr. Daryl started to implement small changes in his life. He added green juice into his diet. The only problem was, these disgusting “swamp juices” weren’t something he looked forward to having every day. Thus, Alkamind was born. These great-tasting products have all the health properties that we need without the dread of having to imbibe them.

Experience the Alkamind Difference

Having your greens in the morning and minerals at night are the core of the Alkamind programs, which can jump-start the process for you. We’ll get you hydrated and make small changes along the way that add up to big, sustainable results.

You may have heard that Kelly Ripa has been touting Dr. Daryl and his Alkamind line. It changed her life, and she swears by it. Check out more of our press coverage! You can contact our team today to book your time for a nutritional consultation with Dr. Daryl.


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